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The checkout line is your last chance to assure a satisfying customer experience. But, all too often, the checkout line can prove to be a source of frustration for both your customers and your staff. Leggett & Platt Checkout units are engineered to improve the speed and efficiency of your checkout area.

The innovative design of our units reduces time, effort and expense during checkout. The result is faster checkout times, a better shopping experience for your customers, less stress for your staff, and greater savings for you.

Whether you choose the warm, natural look of wood or the high-tech look of all-metal construction, you'll find all of our Checkout units provide:

  • Durable construction designed to withstand the day-in and day-out abuse of constant operation — by lasting longer, you save money…our all-metal units feature stainless steel countertops
  • The spinning bag carousel encourages customer assistance in off-loading bags — the result is faster checkouts, less waiting for customers
  • The carousels can be custom-tailored to specific bag sizes — for maximum efficiency they can even hold different bag sizes
  • The scanner cabinet, register stand and bag carousel height and placement are ergonomically designed — this reduces back injuries, fatigue and labor costs
  • A choice of belted and beltless configurations
  • The flexibility to change from right-hand to left-hand configurations, and vice versa — saving you freight and unit costs as requirements change at the store level
  • Disassembly is easy, and individual components can be replaced if damaged — also saving you time and expense

So, to improve customer service, reduce wait time, optimize staff deployment, manage labor costs, and bring greater productivity and efficiency to your stores, check out the Leggett & Platt Checkout units.

To learn more about our innovative Checkout units, and the profitable difference they can make in your operation, e-mail Gary Zakiewicz or call him at 574-825-9561 ext. 2352 today.


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